About Matchbin

Matchbin is transforming hundreds of community newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations from “traditional media” companies to “new online media” success stories. Local online advertising is growing at over 40% per year and will reach $32B over the next 4 years. Matchbin’s technology platform ensures our media partners can quickly capture a significant market share of this local online advertising.

Matchbin creates and hosts content rich websites for these local media companies. Loyal visitors are acquired through these trusted, locally branded websites. Since Matchbin launched the Community Marketplace technology in January 2008, Matchbin has grown to over 700 local media partners and is growing at 30 to 40 new partners each month. Matchbin’s aggregated website traffic is 6.1M unique visitors/80M page views per month and growing rapidly.

Matchbin’s industry leading technology platform allows for rapid creation of these websites and allows these partners to drive significant new online revenue streams. The technology platform provides the following functionality:

  1. Open Widget Website Creation Engine

    1. Rapid creation of very customizable website – online and mobile.
    2. Fast, reliable, and scalable Web 3.0 architecture.
  2. Reporter Friendly Digital Publishing/Content Management System (CMS)

    1. Multimedia functionality – video, slideshows, polls, articles, podcasts, etc
    2. Mobile Publishing - iPad, WAP/HTML5, iPhone/Android Smart phones
    3. Breaking news and automated online publishing options
    4. User generated content
  3. Website Monetization – Total online advertising solution for local businesses

    1. Online Business Directory – SEO enhanced online & mobile websites for SMBs
    2. Mobile Local Search - iPad, iPhone, and Android Apps
    3. "Deal of the Day” – Groupon like solution
    4. Local/National Banner ads , Video pre-roll, etc
    5. Self Service/Online Classifieds, SMS/mobile coupons, Call Tracking, PPC
  4. Community Building/Social Marketing

    1. Events/Calendar, Groups, Clubs – Virtual gathering places
    2. Blogs, Forums, Chat rooms, confidential emails, profile pages
    3. Email/text message blasts
    4. Prep/youth sports pages: player stats, rankings, etc.