Success Stories

Matchbin Media Partners are revitalizing the role local media plays across the nation by offering dynamic, engaging Web sites to their communities. These sites utilize the latest innovations in multimedia (audio, video, slideshows and more) to deliver hyper-local news, events, business listings, blogs and communitygenerated content. Matchbin partners are seeing an increase in visitors up to 4x their previous site traffic. The communities they serve are propelling them back to being the central source for local information. As our partners return to their indispensable position, they are revitalizing advertising revenues by offering local businesses a direct outlet to their target market through Online Business Directory, Banner, and Classified Advertising.

  August 2009
Business Directory
Month Started Selling
the Business Directory
Projected Annual
Revenue from
Business Directory
Star Herald $5,373 August 2009 $103,161
The Eagle Tribune $3,800 July 2009 $77,520
Bozeman Daily Chronicle $3,600 April 2009 $69,120
Logan Herald Journal $3,225 April 2009 $58,050
Salem News $3,100 August 2009 $55,800
Herald and News $2,925 April 2009 $52,650
Idaho Press Tribune $2,625 April 2009 $47,250
The Robesonian $2,155 January 2009 $38,790
Pioneer Newspapers

Pioneer Newspapers implemented a competition to help their sales force produce high revenue numbers. The competition was based on the number of business listings sold in a direct head to head competition between the Pioneer Newpapers and on the rep to rep level. Over half of the papers hit their stretch goals and 2 sales reps hit 8 accounts on the week. They sold over 100 listings and made $88K in 5 days. Currently they have made over $350K in revenue and are figuring out how they can produce more.