Mobile Publishing Platform

Mobile Publishing Platform

Mobile devices today are increasingly becoming the most favored form of accessing news and information. By creating experiences and layouts that are designed and optimized for mobile, publishers are able to capture a growing demographic, extend their unduplicated reach in the surrounding communities, reaffirm their brand, and ultimately generate new revenue opportunities for themselves and their advertisers.

Great Local Content + Mobile Delivery = Huge Revenue Opportunity!

Why Mobile?

  • Capture a new generation of mobile users
  • Reach local community members on the go
  • Community members want to stay connected wherever they are
  • Provide consumers with quick, relevant, and timely information
  • 65% of mobile content consumed today is local news
  • Only 4% of businesses today have a mobile optimized website – be a leader in your field!

Mobile Publishing Platform Features

  • Automatic publishing of articles, pictures, videos, etc. to the mobile edition of your website. Once content is published to your Matchbin powered website the content appears on the mobile website ( within minutes. No need to post content to two content management systems.
  • Designed to optimize the user experience for iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices. Automatically detects the type of device and delivers an excellent design for each individual user.
  • Deliver “Breaking News” stories through SMS text alerts.
  • Prep Sports scores and game highlights delivered through SMS text messaging.
  • Full audio and video publishing capabilities so users can watch local video content while on the go.

New Mobile Advertising Revenue

  • Local banner advertising means higher ad rates and better click through rates for your advertisers. Mobile banner advertising rates are typically 2X to 5X higher than online.
  • National banner advertising delivered to available ad spots if local advertisers have not purchased these spots. This is a new source of “passive” income.
  • Mobile coupons are seamlessly integrated into the business directory Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus editions. Customers can sign up for coupon alerts via SMS text messaging.
  • SMS text advertising revenue, e.g. “Sponsored by Smith Toyota”
  • Video Advertising, including pre-roll, post-roll, and overlay ads
  • Strong analytics and reporting capabilities that provide both you and advertisers with the data and results they expect from interactive advertising.