Local Marketplace Edition

Local Marketplace Edition

What is a Local Marketplace?

A Local Marketplace is a fully customizable private labeled Website that provides an e-commerce, social networking solution for any business or organization in need of additional revenue and membership growth. This feature-rich website allows your members to reap the benefits of a locally focused, globally connected network as well as multiple social networking tools. These features create “stickiness” to draw in and retain members. How would you benefit from owning a Local Marketplace?


  • Each time a member of your community purchases a listing upgrade or product, your community will earn the difference between the wholesale and retail price.
  • Full online directory: With a Matchbin powered online directory, local businesses get extensive “yellow page” advertising and other promotional capabilities packaged in an elegant, easy-to-use website that is Google searchable and connected to your marketplace.
  • Banner Ads: Matchbin provides a user-friendly banner ad system that allows you to easily place banner ad space anywhere on your site. Your ad spaces are sold to national advertisers by Matchbin's banner ad network, and to local sponsors by you. Putting you in control of another significant source of revenue.


Using Matchbin’s Buddybin™ technology, you can quickly, reach out to potential members. Invite them into your community to take advantage of all you have to offer. As membership in your community increases, so does the opportunity for you to capitalize on the sale of Matchbin products and banner advertisements on your site.


People love to be a part of something. Allow people to be tied to your organization. Become a Community Marketplace owner today!

Community Features:

  • E-Commerce Marketplace:

    Each Community Marketplace provides innovative e-commerce capabilities where individuals and businesses can buy, sell or trade items and services. With Matchbin’s patented ActiveMatch technology, individuals receive instant matches to their listings. Ads created by those in your social network come up first, followed by local listings cascading out geographically until the results include our global partners.

  • Social Networking:

    Matchbin Community Marketplaces come equipped with social networking and e-commerce tools. Combined, these tools allow individuals to create networks of business, and personal contacts where they can: share information and files, discuss topics of interest, be informed of community events and buy, sell and trade with each other.

  • Matchbin Banner Ad Network:

    The Matchbin Banner Ad Network was established to provide our community owners with the ability to have a worry free source of advertising revenue, and to give local business owners the ability to reach their specific target market; the community you serve.

  • Organization Destination:

    A Community Marketplace provides your organization with an internet presence. Your website (your organization.com) gives information to those looking for it 24 hours a day! Provide validity for those interested in your organization.

  • Business Directory:

    Become the “yellow pages” for your community. Provide businesses in your area with a free basic listing in your online marketplace.

  • Fully Customizeable Site:

    Your site is your own, design it accordingly. Show your logo, post banner ads, display categories of interest and create additional pages and much more.

  • Member Messaging:

    Promote new features and capabilities; stay current with what your community members want and need. We provide an easy to use communication utility that makes staying connected to your community as easy as writing an e-mail.

  • Event Calendar:

    Keep your members informed of events and promotions. Maintain a community calendar with RSVP capability.