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What is Hot Deal?

This popular daily deal program is the perfect solution for local businesses. Now businesses can find and engage local customers wherever they are by using the latest technology in a controlled, low-cost way. Hot Deal enables them to grow their business like never before, and it’s all enabled by our media partners.

How can it help businesses?

Hot Deal allows local businesses to find new customers by engaging with local consumers who have asked for great discounts from related companies. Through Hot Deal, businesses are able to reach potential customers wherever they are – online, on mobile devices, and through email – so it’s a highly personal and engaging experience. Hot Deal provides access to a new customer base that will try new products and have a high potential of becoming lifelong customers.

There is no out of pocket cost to participate, and businesses can rely on the expertise of local media companies to do what you do best – connecting their business with local consumers. Matchbin gives your advertisers all the tools to succeed, including powerful social media sharing tools to promote word of mouth.

Here’s what you get with Hot Deal:

  • Offer a product or service at a compelling discount determined by the business.
  • Daily Alerts that are sent to a growing list of local subscribers via email or SMS Text.
  • The Hot Deal is promoted and endorsed through the local media company to a loyal following, in print, online and through mobile apps.
  • Performance-based advertising, where the local business doesn’t incur costs and revenue is shared only when paying customers purchase the Hot Deal.
  • Hot Deal is optimized to be viewed on mobile devices.
  • Threshold settings to guarantee that a certain number of paying customers engage the Hot Deal before the discount initiates.
  • Social media integration with Facebook and Twitter allows for easy sharing.
  • Ability to limit supply by capping the quantity of units offered with the deal.