One thing local businesses want when managing their online directory listings is the option to choose what works best for them. We give them the option to choose from Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus, and ePlatinum – all depending on their business needs.

Silver Business Directory Listing


A Silver Business Directory Listing is the first basic upgrade option for free business listings that are included in the business directory. It’s designed to put the local business on the map. If one of our 5 million users searches for that business or one like it on our network, they'll find everything they need to know about the business. Learn More…

Gold Business Directory Listing


The Gold Business Directory Listing expands your reach beyond our network and helps you get found online, wherever your customers are searching. With powerful SEO tools and coupon solutions for both online and mobile, you'll get new customers in the door in no time. Learn More…

Platinum Business Directory Listing


The Platinum Business Directory Listing is where you really get down to business. Use it as a stand alone website or to supplement what you already have. With the most up-to-date advertising and content solutions available, now you can really grow your business and increase revenue. Learn More…

Platinum Plus Business Directory Listing

Platinum Plus:

The Platinum Plus Business Directory Listing combines the power of Platinum with cutting edge mobile and social media technology to get you in front of your most valuable customers. Let's face it, where are your 18-34 year old customers spending all their time? On Facebook, Twitter, and their iPhone. Platinum Plus puts you right in the middle of the action virtually overnight. Learn More…

ePlatinum Business Directory Listing


The ePlatinum Business Directory Listing gives you the best of everything, PLUS the ability to manage a fully functional online store through a powerful eCommerce solution. Don't think simply giving users directions to your retail shop does the job? ePlatinum is for you. Learn More…